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Chronicle Counsel: What a Mother Trucker!

Triple M's Mother Trucker

You could walk away with the MOTHER LODE of all prizes!!!

Imagine a Mother Trucker – truckload of prizes… What would be in your dream truck?


Cash to splash and share & pay the bills

that elusive never-ending pack of Tim-tams


and an invitation to party with the Hemsworth clan! We can but dream, right?

Triple M’s Mother Trucker is hitting the streets of the Central Coast every single day, stacked full of prizes in the back. (Unfortunately, we can’t promise the endless pack of Tim-Tams, Cash or Invite to party with the Hemsworth clan!) But there WILL be some bloody incredible prizes in the back.

All you need to do is crack the 6-digit code and you could win the mother lode of prizing.

Triple M will be giving you the chance to have a guess every day with Paddy & Rob Palmer and every hour across your workday!

Call 1 333 53  to have a go at cracking the code. 

But you must have all 6 digits correct and in the correct order! So make sure you pop your guesses down on paper or in your phone.

Triple M will even help you out with some clues to guess the code!

Every single morning while you listen to Paddy & Rob Palmer, the Mother Trucker will be parked at a different location giving out a clue. It could be anywhere on the central coast between 7 am – 9 am, so make sure to listen out for where you can find the truck to scan the QR code and reveal the clue!

Triple M's Mother Trucker

The clues will only be available for a single day and will only be accessible by scanning the QR code on the Mother Trucker!

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