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The following post is from Pursuit Communications Founder, Brooke Simmons – THE YEAR THAT PR SHIFTED

It’s occurred to me that 2023 is the year that PR really “shifted”.

After the global pandemic, the media landscape has rapidly changed. We’ve heard this idea has been shared numerous times. However, the traditional ways of executing a PR strategy are giving way to multiple emerging paths.

I’ve wanted to write the thoughts below for some time, but I also wanted to give myself that time to see how this year has progressed from an operational perspective.

With this in mind, here are my thoughts regarding the PR landscape as we head towards 2024 AND what you can do (if you’re in the marketing /PR /Comms world) to communicate your message effectively.

Media releases aren’t dead – but they shouldn’t be a priority.
I LOVE a good media release; don’t get me wrong, they serve a purpose. However, that purpose has to be apparent from the start. I think the days of “story-telling” through a media release are fading. (That’s not to say it can’t or won’t work, but in today’s society, other tactics can be employed – I’ll come to these in a minute).
Keep your media release “powder” dry for milestone announcements such as significant achievements, years of operation announcements, or exceeding sales targets.

Experiment with social media
Feel free to experiment with social media. It doesn’t matter what you’re offering; you’ll find an audience. The ideas that “my product serves an older audience” or “I offer a service, not a product” (in my opinion) don’t float.
Because your product is for an older audience, it doesn’t mean your target market’s younger family members, associates, or friends won’t want to see it.
As for service offering business, social media is a great platform to showcase how skilled you are in your area. Share tips (ahem like this!) and create a platform for yourself as an industry leader.

Get ready to get personal
There’s no need to divulge the ins and outs of your personal life. Get ready to “be real.” this is far more relatable than constant sales pitches in media release form or through social media posts.
Share the highs and lows. Media and the general public will find your business /brand more relatable when you do!

Listen to the voice of reason
When you have a leaky pipe, you call a plumber; when your computer doesn’t work, you take it to a technician. When it comes to your communications strategy, it makes sense to talk to an expert.
Talk to numerous marketing /PR firms. Find one that fits with you and your brand, goals, and, most importantly, your budget.
TIP: Follow marketers or agencies on social media. You’ll be surprised what tips you can pick up!

Expectations for 2024
2024 will see more of the big players coming together. We’ve heard whispers of Amazon and Meta working together for an immersive shopping experience. So look out for this and other joint ventures.

We’ve also heard that print publications (Elle Magazine Australia, to name one) will recommence limited offerings. (Which is music to my heart!)
If there’s an appetite (which will show from sales figures), we could see a slow and steady increase of bi-monthly or bi-annual publications returning to shelves.

2024 will continue to offer new opportunities for the marketing and public relations world. It’s up to us to see how creatively and successfully these are used. Talk to us to see how we can help you in 2024.