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4 Ways to Seize Control of any Interview

If you’re lucky enough to secure media coverage for your business, the next thing you’ll need to know, is how to control the interview.

There is often this common misconception that journalists are solely responsible for crafting an interview and many executives or managers wonder why the article or story is missing the important details of the company or intended highlighted product and regret the positioning.

This remorse often stems from the interviewees becoming disappointed that the interviewer didn’t ask enough questions, however it is also the interviewees job to take responsibility and educate the reporter, in order to expand the conversation.

Before that happens, here are 4 ways to flip the script and take control:

  • Have an agenda or in other words what do you want to achieve from this interview and what angle do you want the journalist to report on?

Make sure this is all covered well in advance.


  • Establish clear and concise messages and what do you want the audience to remember about your company or product?

Again, make sure this is covered in advance. Rehearse if you need to.


  • Drive the interview process and set the path from the beginning – this can be done by asking before the interview or filming the specific angle the journalist is looking to take. A bad interview can make an interviewee look bad but it can also reflect poorly on the interviewer. So it’s in everyone’s best interest that the interview goes well.


  • Don’t be led astray from the journalist probing questions, so don’t fall into any traps, like awkward silences. Let the interviewer fill the spaces, answer the question and stop!


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