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Chronicle Counsel: Upgrades for Woy Woy

Artists impression of Deepwater Plaza car park

We all know the frustration that comes with trying to find a car park when you’re going shopping. You’re usually on a “mission” and have a certain timeframe to get everything done. Well, the shoppers of Woy Woy are set to benefit from an enhanced parking experience following the commencement of the construction of onsite solar shade structures as part of a car park upgrade now underway at Deepwater Plaza, Woy Woy.

The car park upgrade includes the installation of shading to 103 car spaces with under-canopy lighting, delivering an improved shopper experience. In total, 680 solar photovoltaic panels will be installed, generating approximately 340 MWh per annum, reducing the shopping centre’s use of grid-purchased electricity and associated carbon emissions.

Deepwater Plaza, Centre Manager Marcelle Proper said: “Our car park solar project at Deepwater Plaza will enhance the amenity for our shoppers through shaded car parking and supply the centre with renewable energy, supporting the centre’s sustainability goals.”

Frustration levels when looking for a car park can also rise when you’re driving in circles in a car park that is in desperate need of resurfacing  /maintenance. Deepwater Plaza is addressing these concerns with their upgrade!

The car park works will also include resurfacing and line marking and improved pedestrian access at the Coles entrance to the shopping centre. Resurfacing works and line marking will extend through to George Street and the ground level of the multi-deck car park.

Shoppers will continue to be able to access the Deepwater Plaza car park throughout the entire project and signage is in place to assist while the works are conducted. The project is expected to be completed by mid-November. We’ll keep you updated regarding any changes to the project here on Central Coast Chronicle.


For more information visit www.deepwaterplaza.com.au

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