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Chronicle Counsel: The importance of community

We’re rapidly approaching Spring Fair and School Fete season.

That means the demand for support from the local community is at an all time high. Local businesses are frequently approached for product or in-kind support, or even financial sponsorship.

It’s the way these events work.

One of the many goals of Central Coast Chronicle is for the organisers of these community events to have access to the bisinesses on the Coast that are in a position to support these events in some way, shape or form.

Organising these events is hard work, there’s attending meetings, there’s organising the myriad of components that make up an event, not to mention getting all the correct council permissons, legal certificates and insurances!

So, we’ve created a “Listing Only” package for this very reason. We’ll let our members know about your event, any requests that you may have (product, sponsorship, goody-bag etc!), then we’ll include it in our monthly newsletter (your request AND event details!), and we’ll also promote your event on our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

All of this for $40!

So you won’t have to email business, after business, after business and follow-up. You’ll have exposure and added promotion to our followers -it’s an all in one package! It will all be done for you.


Click here to get started. 


Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash