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What we’re looking forward to in 2020

The future is almost here!

2020 is sure to be a HUGE year for events… Here’s just a few that we’re looking forward to.


Eurovision will be held in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Australia will be attending again – who will be representing Australia? It is yet to be announced.

Our pick? Surely it’s time for Shannon Noll to have a turn… On a serious note… Maybe Neil Finn? Perhaps Paul Kelly?

If singing on a global scale isn’t your thing, then maybe elite sportspeople competing on a global stage is something that appeals to you?

There’s the Olympics – to be held in Tokyo. This is Tokyo’s third (3rd) time to be awarded the Summer games. The first time was in 1940, but due to the war between Japan and China, they were moved to Helsinki before being cancelled due to World War II.

Not sports-minded? Then, the political forum will have plenty for you in 2020.

The United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union will cease in accordance with Article 50 unless further extensions are requested and granted

Finally, the US Presidential Election will be held on November 3…  Yes, there are count down calendars.

The race to become the Democratic challenger to Donald Trump is hotting up. Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are the relatively well-known frontrunners.

There’s plenty more coming up in 2020 too – Including the announcement of a new breakfast host on Triple M Central Coast to join Rob Palmer, there are also some exciting announcements coming from Central Coast Stadium and we’ll have some exciting news to share too!